We would like to introduce you to our stained glass lamp offer from a rich DRAGONFLY collection.

The industrial design of DRAGONFLY lamps is based on the stained glass creation technique from XIX and XX century by the American artist L.C. Tiffany. The technique is about to combine all the Tiffany’s stained glass and was acclaimed as an innovative, more solid and subtle than any other already known and used methods. The classic patterns and style are invariable for decades simmilar to technological production process. Each lamp is handmade and only elaborate and patient work, moreover, the extremaly precission allow to create exquisite, warm and colourful mosaics which you are lucky to find in our Internet presentation.


The whole stained glass lamp by DRAGONFLY production process starts with strict selection of raw material- high quality stained glass with amazing colours.


The very first step of stained glass lamp creation is to cut out of the raw glass sheet some stripes with the proper width (so called the first cut out)


Each lamp is handmade from the beginning and every single part is cut out with the precise glass knife usage.


All glass elements are carefully grinded and polished one after another.


Grinded and polished parts are wrapped with the copper foil.


Such prepared stained glass elements with many different colours and textures are put onto specially cambered form and are strapped by tin solders.


After some time the soldering is finished the tin solders changed their colours from silver and grey colour to more estetic black one.



The shade construction with changed tin solder colour must be purified later.


To make the stained glass shine and consolidate the colour, the shade needs to be dipped in a special solution.


The shade of a stained glass lamp by DRAGONFLY is almost ready but the polishing and the control which allows to eliminate stained glass with any flaws on them. They must be flawless!


Some types of our lamps are the result of ’’relief’’ technique. It means to make a composition with the convex and colourful glass which is combined with flat and cylinder glass, i.e. colourful glass fruit or beads. The elicited colours make a three- dimensional effect.


The classical Tiffany’s design is perfect to elegant interiors designed in a traditional way. This type of style is widely described by modern interior architecture and is suitable for either little and modest rooms and huge showrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens as well. Also makes the place brighter and warm its hard and minimalism atmosphere.

The most of presented exhibits are the lamp families (i.e. a big standing lamp, a smaller office lamp, a hanging lamp and a wall lamp) which allows to congeneric finishing of a room in exactly the same style.

We have the pleasure to invite you to see our rich collection of stained glass lamps and encourage you to improve your place by establishing the ultimate climate and atmosphere…


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