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1.1. The statute- the present document defines the rules of using the dragonfly24 LTD shop in which are the laws and duties of the Internet shop customers either the way of clinching and execution the purchase- sale agreement.

1.2. The shop- the Internet shop is the Dragonfly24 LTD. property.

1.3. The products- the lamps and other elements which are associated with illumination are the subjects of purchase- sale agreements clinched within  shop.

1.4. The customer- natural legal person having full law rights and also an organisational unit and a  legal entity having its residence in EU countries, clinching a purchase- sale agreement on our products with Dragonfly24 LTD.

1.5. Purchase- sale agreement- it is an agreement according to EU law between Dragonfly24  ACT between Dragonfly24 LTD. and a customer and according to the shop statute rules.

1.6. The basket- it is an IT tool that allowes to gather interesting products within one particular place

1.7. The consumer- The consumer- a consumer in understanding of actual rules and regulations of EU law.



1.1. The Internet shop available on is the property of DRAGONFLY24 LTD., 

All essential data:



Company No. 09703228

+44 7471 634 668




1.2. The Statue defines the rules and regulations of the shop working, the products selling by DRAGONFLY24 LTD. and the customers rights and duties either DRAGONFLY24 LTD. right and duties as a subject running the shop. The condition on clinching a deal is a prior familiarise onself with the statute content which is an integral part of purchase- sell agreement.

1.3. The statute was drawn up on the EU law and regulations. DRAGONFLY24 LTD. has all rights essential to present the products in the shop.

  1. I.      The conditions of services rendition by the electronical post on the Internet.

1.1. DRAGONFLY24 LTD. provides electronical way services, especially by facilitate a trade platform, in which our customers can easily clinch purchase- sale deals of our products.

1.2. DRAGONFLY24 LTD. makes the server space available where the customers can leave their data according to idetify and clinch the purchase- sell agreements.

1.3. The customer buying in the shop has to have the tools at his disposal which can meet technical requirements necessary to cooperate with the Information and Communication Technologies which are used by DRAGONFLY24 LTD. The tool must allow to access the Internet and have software that allows to search the Internet and an email box. The customer may switch on or off ’cookies’ files in every moment by introducing proper settings in the using browser. The ’cookies’ files are used by DRAGONFLY24 LTD.  in order to ease the shop navigation and also to monitoring customer opennings in the shop.

1.4. The customer is under the ban of delivering the illegal content.


1.1.  The subjects of purchase- sell agreement are the products presented in the shop but also the products especially made for individual orders. Our products are brand new. They are all issued with required certificates and permits that let them being sold within EU countries.

1.2. The individual orders may be placed directly in the shop or on our email address:

1.3. The purchase- sell deals are clinched as one of the below ways:

a)    The customer chooses one of the product categories which are mentioned in the specific column on the left hand side of the shop. Afterwards the customer chooses particular item from the given list of the products by clicking ’Add to the basket’ button. After doing that the customer may wish to continue the shopping or go further in order to clinch the purchase- sell agreement.

b)    The customer familiarises with the statute and clicks the ’ Make your order’ button. Clicking the ’Make your order’ button means making a statement about familiarising and acceptation the statute rules and issues.

c)    The customer must know what is in his basket. Which means being aware of the kind, total number, the price and delivering costs also the tax included, of the product or products.

d)    The next step is to give the delivery details. The customer has to leave its email address, a full name or the name of the company (its registered number if concerned), address to have the parcel delivered to and a contact phone number. All the personal details are given voluntarily and will be used only to make and realise the order.

e)    The customer chooses the delivery option and the payment method further. After needs to await for total amount information and the ’Ordering with payment duty’ button.

f)     The ordering confirmation is immediately sent to the customer’s email box by DRAGONFLY24 LTD. in which further ordering details are included (the product specification, its price, delivery cost, total ordering amount, the way of delivery and payment, Dragonfly24 LTD. bank account data).

1.4. In case of  making an email order, our worker will contact you to confirm the ordering details. Later all the particulars will be summed up in further email message.

1.5. In case of advance payment, total payment should be realised in term no longer than 7 days after the ordering confirmation. Dragonfly24 LTD. allows the below payment methods:

-    cash on delivery

-    collection in person in our residence or one of our shops (the list of the shops is available on the main webpage)

-    advance payment on DRAGONFLY24 LTD. bank account: BARCLAYS BANK: 937-80-201, sort code: 20-22-69

1.6. The customer has the possibility to make an individual order by email to produce an individual parametres item with very specific, defined by the customer, features. In case of such an order our worker will contact you to confirm the ordering details. Later all the particulars will be summed up in further email message.

1.7. Some specifictions are necessery to be delivered by the customer to some kinds of our products, presented on the webpage to let us know about the ordering details. In this case the customer defines the item’s features personally (for example the number of light bulbs, colours and size, etc.)

1.8. In case of advance payment by money transfer on DRAGONFLY24 LTD.’s bank account, the purchase- sell agreement will be clinched on condition there is no lack of total payment in term no longer than 7 days after the ordering confirmation. The lack of total payment in 7 days after the ordering confirmation means the contract termination without the neccesity of submission additional statements by both agreement sides, unless DRAGONFLY24 LTD. and the customer had decided otherwise.

1.9. The order time includes the time necessery  to prepare the product and the delivery and amounts to 30 working days. DRAGONFLY24 LTD. is obligated to deliver the flawless product without any hidden drawbacks.

1.10. The products that are the subjects of purchase- sell agreement are delivered by National Post or courier companies. The products may be handed in to the customer personally or collected in person in our residence or one of our shops (the list of the shops is available on the main webpage) by prior phone or email term agreement.


1.1. The customer may reclaim a product if the services destined in this statute are not fulfilled by DRAGONFLY24 LTD. or they are fulfilled in the way which is inconsistent with the statute. One should contact us by sending an email on:

1.2. The customer’s reclaim about the product inconsistency with the purchase- sell agreement can be placed by email on:, and should be supplied in:

-    the customer's data allowing us to contact and to identify the customer

-    objections towards the purchase- sell agreement product

-    demanding way of removing the particular problem ( the product replacement for the one free of drawbacks, removing the existing drawback, reducing the price of the product, relinquishing the purchase- sell agreement as long as the drawback is not irrelevant)

1.3. DRAGONFLY24 LTD. will definetely answer the reclaim no longer than 14 days from receiving it. If data or information given in the reclaim should be complemented before the reclaim will be looking into, DRAGONFLY24 LTD. will ask the customer to fill them in.

1.4. The customer who is a consument as well has the right to relinquish the purchase- sell agreement in 14 days from the date of handing a product, according to EU law

1.5. The right to relinquish that is above mentioned in V.1.4. is not appertained if the customer had previously ordered individual adaptations over the product or when the product was ordered according to delivered design or customer’s specifications which is above mentioned in IV.1.6. and IV.1.7.

1.6. The relinquish right is executed by placing a proper paper statement. Sending the statement before the end of a term keeps it still valid. The product returning should be done immediately, before the 14 days deadline from the purchase- sell agreement relinquish submiting day. To keep the term still valid returning the product before its finish is completely enough.

1.7. The shop will perform the return of already paid amount including the delivery costs immediately, no longer than 14 days from receiving a purchase- sell agreement relinquish statement. The returning product delivery costs should be covered by the customer and will not be returned. The returning product delivery costs depend on its weight and oscillate between 5 and 10 pounds sterling.


1.1. The one and only administrator of the customer’s personal details is DRAGONFLY24 LTD. which provides all the personal details processing according to the law acts.

1.2. DRAGONFLY24 LTD. processes customers personal details in their rights and duties resulted from the agreements clinched according to this particular statute. To that end to execute these agreements and their reckoning and remaining range only after achieving the proper acceptances.

1.3. The customer has the right to access the personal details content and the right to correct it.


1.1. DRAGONFLY24 LTD. reserves the right to make change on the statute resolutions.

1.2. DRAGONFLY24 LTD. has to inform customers about the statute changes by advertising a proper information on the shop website. The information would point out which resolutions were changed and what the changes are about. The unitary changed statute will be enclosed. The statute changes are entering into force after 14 days from the information appearing day. To before clinched deals the old regulations are applied.

1.3. In case DRAGONFLY24 LTD. changes the statute resolutions, the customer may enunciate the deal with immediate effect within 14 days from obtaining the information about the statute changes.

1.4. The right law for purchase- sell agreements being clinched on the statute resolutions is the EU law.



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